Mystery Valentine

So, I dropped by my apartment during lunch today, which I never do, to see if a package had arrived that I ordered…

Ok, you’re a little late on Valentine’s day (just kidding)…but I must say, whoever my mysterious friend is that dropped off a Port City Java gift card and stuck it in the door for me FLAT ROCKS!! He or she shall be called my Mystery Valentine. Chad is very jealous he didn’t think of it first…

AND if you know my personality at all…the fact you didn’t sign your name is going to drive me up the wall!! I will find you, I promise- track you down like an Indian scout. Ok, maybe not that hardcore, but please let me know who you are so I can personally thank you!

For now, thank you SO much! I appreciate your thoughtfulness and I’m stoked about some extra Joe money. Big hugs from me. =)


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