1533825218_l.jpgThis is one of my new faves- an indie acoustic/soul/folk artist, Colbie Caillat is starting to make more known appearances on talk shows and stuff as her album finishes up. cool girl, I love her warm, chill tone, good lyrics, laid back. Check it out this song “Bubbly” here…there are others on youtube.com and myspace.com. I’ll even dedicate it to some of my favorite peeps Brad and Jill on their new engagement!



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2 responses to “Bubbly

  1. RK! You and Chad are making such a positive impact on the revval in my music life! Thanks for this…jazzy, velvety, folksy, airy. I like. For an old guy who’s musical roots go back to the late 60’s and early 70’s, I find it encouraging to see a resurgence of authentic song-writers. By the way, in case I haven’t told you, you knocked my socks off Sunday…the entire band did! When I say you are a blessing to me, I have in mind a genuine God shaped blessing! Thank you.

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