Restaurant Review

Ok, so I know…it’s been since February 7th since I posted last. I’ve been brewing over a few things that I will share in the next week.

For now, a restaurant review… Two places I’m really diggin’.

el_guajirof01.jpgEl Guajiro
(off Kerr Ave.)

-authentic Cuban cuisine
-rich, dark and sweet Cuban coffee…strong stuff!
-great yuca (starchy, potato-like), palomilla steak, and cuban soda!
(the stuffed potatoes and tamales are also off the hook)
-neat atmosphere
-Alfredo Barrios, the owner will tell you in great detail all about how he came over on a little boat from Cuba and how his family became Christians

Midtown Cafe
(off 17th St. Extension)

-great soup, salad, sandwiches and wraps
-nice, quaint atmosphere
-really cool paint colors and furniture/hardware in the restrooms
(sorry, i notice these things)
-good for a valentine’s lunch date (thanks Chad!)


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  1. sweet & savory still beats Midtown Cafe for me!

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